Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cuddalore - Hotel Devi

Cuddalore : "Hotel Devi"

Can you imagine a hotel where there are more than 1000 people dining a day, but not located in any of the metro or cosmo or district head quatres or not even a will be surprised why there are people driving from Pondy or Neyveli or chidambaram to dine here!!!!!! there is only one common answer "Taste"..."Variety"..."Devi"!!!!

When you drive from Cuddalore to Chidamabaram before O.T (3 kms from Cuddalore) when you car get struck in to the traffic in between 12 to 03 pm ....It should be only because of Devi!!!!!.........after Daily thandhi office opposite to Valli vilas marriage hall you will find Hotel Devi......... recently they built a big building with all modern facilities....but 5 yrs before it was just a thatched roof area!!!!

Very good parking area for both cars & two wheeler......when you enter inside you will find a huge waiting area, where almost  25 to 30 peoples waiting all the time, separate parcel section, Family hall, A/c, Non A/c dining halls ....all put together they are accommodating almost 200 peoples at a time, guess what you never have to wait for your food more than 5 mins.....the service is terrific!!!

Here come the glory of Devi......the food, 

Generally they serve Mutton soup as soon as you seated ......even before the Banana leaf come!!!!
Try out the Mutton Biryani - the meat is always tender here that shows how keen they are in the selection process, any body can serve chicken biryani thats not the big deal, but Mutton biryani is not that easy friends!!! apart from this you get all the choices like chicken / prawn / country chicken biryanis.......

Then try their Malli chicken ( coriander infused crispy fried chicken).....a different dish for the taste buds,

Prawn roast - a real roast, crispy but not deep fried.....mild spiced and covered with bit of gravy.... (many places they deep fry in oil with traditional 65 masala those you always get in red color)

Vanjiram Meen Kuzhambu - best fish curry with out coconut at all, a typical south indian home style preparation.....

Apart from this you get all the Lamb spare parts like liver fry, boti fry, brain roast, mutton sukka, nalli elumbu kuzhambu, ratham porial, kola .....etc

Many chicken & seafood varieties toooo,

The meals always served with 3 type of non veg kuzhambu including the pieces (!!!!!!),

as usual you will get chinese, indian, tandoor varieties (now a days people think they cant survive with out this even they 10000% confident on their products)

Finally the cant miss this one, cut and served straight from the mud pot!!!! delicious i give 200 marks fro this alone,

So don't forget to plan your lunch or dinner while you crossing Cuddalore, or when ever you visit Pondy, cause in Pondy there are no restaurants nearing to this Taste in this concept !!!!!!!

Hotel Devi

No.5 & 6, Chidambaram Main Road Chellankuppam
Cuddalore,Tamil Nadu,

Phone No: 238333, 962 62 62 475, 473, 479, 655611 / 9944454014/15/16

Bon Appetite