Thursday, July 12, 2012

Karaikudi : Priya Mess (N/V)

Priya Mess:

when My recent visit to karaikudi, me and my chairman is looking for a Typical chettinadu mess at Karaikudi, friend of us taken  privilege of taking us to this wonderful place, "Priya Mess" Karaikudi running by a family a husband, wife, and his sister.......

The couples alone cooking the entire variety and running the entire operations, the man welcome you with his wonderful soon as you ve seated, the wife come and place a banana leaf and they just ask you veg or non veg ......and the variety follows,

A solid meal with chicken, Mutton, meen - kozhambu and the side dishes Crab masala, era masala, mutton sukka, kozhi roast, Fish fry....all are cooked with house grind masala and you can feel the authenticity in each dish.......less oil, necessary spices, they are maintaining the same taste for the past 44 years, the secret recipe has been followed all these years, thats what made them be unique in the homely running mess business,

They serve with utmost care and some time kindly force you to eat the whole meal or taste the special dishes, and one thing is sure that their kindness will make you remember that you are dining at your grandmother's place!!!!!

In fact among all the non veg crowd when i say i am vegetarian immediately they stepped in to the house and brought me Vathal Kuzhambu, Mandi, Poricha Appalam....what more you need to explain about their service, thats what Priya mess, they go out of the way to eat good and make you happy!!!

But pls dont expect any modern amenities as they have made it as a home business (in fact they live inside) even you dont have fan when there are no power .......but for a good food, motherly service and wonderful experience......cant you sacrifice your sophistication a bit!!!!

When you are crossing Karaikudi don't forget to add one more wonderful experience to your taste bud