Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nagapattinam (Nagai / Nagore) - Uma Restaurant

Uma Restaurant - Vegetarian 

There are many restaurants in small place producing fabulous......innovative, authentic, joyful food, Uma restauarant is one of those serving good food at all the time, that's why they are called the peoples restaurant in Nagai dist,

they located inside the main market of nagai.....and while you entering you cant miss their ice cream & Bakery joint before the restaurant (they are also well known and ranked top in nagai and i cant comment on this episode as i am not tasted there), after the couple of shop you will enter the Uma restaurant,

neat ambiance, nice furniture, well lit and comfort seating's and of course their food!!!! staff serving here are typical tanjore mid aged people....(homely and you can see the nativity while they are taking order and serving)

The Menu .....You will get all typical south Indian dishes........ but what they are doing here is the best out of it and its remarkable, the sambar typical tanjore style with small onions & drumstick (in hotels they never use shallots as its too difficult to peal!!!! u never taste this variety of sambar in typical hotels) cant stop asking sambar for again and again.......

Varities of chutneys, kurmas, dosa, idiyappam, adai, kitchadi......the food parade continues ...... varieties of dosa.....Gnger dosa!!!!! can u hear it any where......its not like styffing ginger masala inside dosa!!!! thats what all the typical hotel do. (they prepare one dosa and stuff what ever they feel like and call the dosa by the stuffing name) its what they name it Yes....The ginger is grinded with the dosa batter can u imagine!!!! and the taste oh oh oh....if u r hungry u will eat atleast 3 of those!!!! and many more unique variety that you ever get any where,

so the regular south Indian dishes will be prepared in a unique way to make sure they reach your heart and remembered ever !!!!!! and its not the business, its the passion of the owners they love the food !!! they live food!!!! they breath food!!!! that's why they are doing magic in a simple dishes,

Finally the Degree coffee!!!!! hmmmm!!! no words to describe......taste like freshly brewed, strong, thick, and stick in your tongue for at least an hour .....

when you visit karaikal/  nagore / nagapattinam .........dont miss to visit this wonderful restaurant and more than my word you speak lot after you taste here.......


Bazaar Street
nagapattinam ho
Nagapattinam - 611001
Phone No :- 04365-242377,9443526844