Saturday, November 3, 2012

Erode - Breakfast & Tiffin Varieties

The Oasis Restaurant - "Breakfast"  

(Pongal & Sambar)

I thought of not write a review on known places, cause the loyalty of my comments will be tested......But i am much confident that this wont be taken otherwise then to be judged best for what this review is!!!!

The Oasis Multicuisine Restaurant at Sathy road extending their hospitality form 1998, nice ambiance, widely spread with ample car parking,  like all other regular multicusine restaurant you will get all stereo type menus, But this review is purely about their "Breakfast"- as i write only about the extraordinary foods.......

As i mentioned earlier you don't need many varieties to get satisfied, sometime when you are too thirsty a glass of water taste awesome!!!! is not it!!!!, so if you are looking for a good breakfast with out expecting much varieties just try Pongal with Sambar at the Oasis.....its just take you out of world!!! yes the pongal  literally melt in your mouth like a fresh cream cake with nuts!!!! when we say pongal people all ways think of rich ghee,vansapathy & cashews, it was the impression created by all Brahmin hotels and ghee float in banana leaf!!!!! (sorry to mention this!!)

but a nice pongal secret is combination of rice and Moong and the perfect cooking time, thats what give you the nature taste & texture.....not because of the expensive ingredients!!!!!and it should not stick your hand or the spoon at any point of time!!!!, here where the Oasis takes the credit and made it the way it is!!!!

The sambar - at its best, awesome!!!! the texture, tastes Little sweetness with a mild drumstick & hing flavor, and the consistency is fantastic all these years......i have been tasting this from the year 2000, and expressed to many about the sambar taste,

I can say this is one of the best out of tamilnadu, its not exaggerating but the fact is all these days we compared Rathna cafe sambar and Adyar anandhabhavan Pongal -I am pity that times award has been given to both restaurants for these food - the juries never get a opportunity to taste at Oasis, if so, they feel regret for their decision- I am happy that Oasis maintaining the standard all these years!!!!and be honest that they not even aware that they are doing something extraordinary all these years!!!!

Hope you will ask for the additional cups of sambar when you are tasting the pongal at "The Oasis"

The Oasis Restaurant
Sathy Road,
Phone: 0424- 2220366, 2225520, 2225530
Mobile: 9842067237