Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Madurai - Amma Mess

Amma !!!!!!!  wisely named, True of its name, it is as if your Amma prepares for you... that you feel it in each dish when you dine here!!! Should never miss out Amma Mess whenever you are in Madurai

Located at 125, Alagar Kovil Road , Tallakulam, Madurai 625002, (0452 - 4360361 , 9842145900),  it is at a equal distance from Tamukkam post office bus stop as well as Tallakulam perumal kovil bus stop. 

 We are often BORED OF tasting the same old stuff? where ever you go each restaurant have the regular food varieties.....perhaps they are good in few dishes, Rummaging through the menu card, one could not hide his or her wonder at the variety of dishes on offer, all homemade preparations cooked under the supervision of the womenfolk.

 when you like to `have a go' at some of the delectable mouth-watering dishes, One place, which can be deemed fit to clear your culinary doubts is the `Amma Mess', a restaurant where you could see the perfect blend of Chettinad with a touch of Singapore- Chinese fusion!!!!,

Situated in a cramped space, this restaurant has all the essential features of the traditional south Indian eatery with the aroma emanating from the kitchen to attract the passers by.

 Hygiene and ambiance are typical middle class restaurant standard. Service too. The quality of food, ah! that's where Amma Score!!!!!

 The seasonal (usually the summer) delicacy "Ayirai Meen Kulambu" is something not to be missed! "Viraal Meen Fry" makes you want more. Their lunch is very popular. apart from meals, biryanis, To sample a few, crab keema (boneless), crab meat soup, chicken omelette, pigeon fry and rabbit fry are some of the delicacies. Don't miss their specialty dishes like rabbit biriyani, dove biriyani, crab omlette and bone marrow omlette etc

 Kadal unavu omellette (seafood mixed)!!!! very unique and different, might be these owner tasted this dish in Singapore cause there only you get same mixed seafood omellette!!!! exactly they copied same but with slight ingredient change!!!!! those who are not tasted this in Singapore its very new to your taste bud, chef like me know its very common....(cause my friends thrilled when they tasted this!!! ) Extraordinary taste in preparation of Chicken Gravy, Mutton Gravy, they do not grind masalas in mixer grinders or in wet grinders but use manual grinders using hands commented by the waiter,The Additional tastiest are the Mutton kolas, Prawn Fries, are some of the delicacies which makes your tongue addicted to Amma Mess. 

 As the restaurant is aimed at creating a homely atmosphere by providing love and care for the customer, the dishes are prepared in such a way that they don't harm the eater, we could see that Utmost care is taken to maintain the masala mix. 

 The Amma Mess By-night offers range of Tiffin items, which are unique and you would ve ever tasted anywhere i want to mention this in particular, Some of them are prawns dosa, `ayirai' fish dosa, chicken dosa and mutton dosa (kari dosa) .....(in general konar mess is very famous for kari dosa, here also they are doing similarly good, but since because they are focusing more dishes they cant be as much as popular like konar kari dosa)


"I started this joint in the name of my mother Ammathai, who was the brain behind this project. If I receive encouraging feed backfrom my customers, the credit should go to my mother and my wife, Sumathi. My mother was the fulcrum who had finalised the menu and trained my wife, Sumathi, in this field. After my mother's retirement, now my wife has taken the mantle and is doing the job creditably well," says Senthilvel, proprietor of the Amma Mess.

The speciality of this mess is an emphasis on servicing. "Servicing is the essential part of any hotel. Unfortunately, it has not been followed in some hotels.

The response from the customers is overwhelming. The restaurant attained star status when most of the VIPs visiting the Temple City never miss to visit this joint.  

we could see the photographs from Super star, ulaga nayagan, to comedian sendhil dining at this place,  On tasting the palatable dishes at this hotel - many comments hanging  praised the restaurant for providing a good traditional meal.

It has been more than 12 years since the restaurant started, but still it is rated one of the best in this part for the love and care it offers to its customers.

Not to be missed:

Kola Urundai
Seafood omellette, Crab Omellette
Bone marrow omellette
Variety Dosa
Kadai fry
Mutton Keema
Rabbit Biryani