Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Introduction of the Blog

Dear Friends this blog is about exploring the unfamiliar but the most delicious, authentic, innovative smaller restaurants run by the individuals all around the Tamilnadu...... I know we are all got too bored of multi cuisine restaurants run by the leading hotels, and bored of regular biryanis, naans, manchurians, fried rice.....but there are out standing restaurants in smaller towns even they don't have sign boards, A/cs, no fine dining service.....but doing splendid contribution to the traditional food and preserving our mothers recipes.....

So we are going to discuss and publish the best from a big city to a tiny village all around Tamilnadu ....friends you are all very frequent travelers and would have been come across many restaurants, mess like this.....forget about the entire menu....even in fact somebody is making out standing tea...... don't hesitate to mention them, cause we are going to bring out the best in each category (its not like awarding Anjappar biryani the best by Burpp or Times best award to sangeetha coffee......its funny!!!!! and too commercial!!!!!)

So hence forth if somebody is travelling any part of Tamilnadu they should not be searching for good food .......we are here to guide them out!!!!!

So share the best you tasted, with proper address, land mark, driving directions, if possible with some photographs and menu too......

Lets start!!!!