Sunday, February 17, 2013

Calicut - Paragon Restaurant

"Divine food in gods own country" 

I think this is the perfect phrase to explain the food about the Paragon........

When my recent visit to calicut we have planned to visit Paragon for maximum sessions during our stay, i have been refereed by friend about this place and i am surprised why it has not reached many connoisseur in tamilnadu, may be !!! let me take the opportunity to speak about this fantastic place,

Right below the flyover bridge at Kannur Road, is the popular Paragon Hotel. The old structure is still retained which has the entrance at a curved corner, facing Kannur road. To the right, there is the well furnished Paragon with non AC dining space at the ground floor and an air conditioned space at the first floor  for families,No matter where you are seated, It is not some five star restaurant so the ambiance may not be that appealing , spoons and other small -small things you've to ask for. But it serves very tasty food . And the price and the serving size is just amazing. A very good value for money restaurant.   the food is simply delectable.

where to start and how to describe, the place just remembering the colonial pondicherry, the staffs are swift and very friendly and they observe i mentioned when i am taking photographs of the restaurant in the early morning at the breakfast session, one gentleman approached me he is the PA to MD......after the formal introduction he has been recommending and sending his special dishes to our table one by one......this is the classic example of the restaurant standards.......all the staffs are very attentive!!! 

In the morning 07.30 get piping hot appam with channa, paratha with stiew hot fish curry .....friends we are desperately missing this delight at our places!!! the food parade is unbelievable in the morning, dont know how they can able to produce such varieties, Hats off to their chefs!!!!

If you love biriyani, if you wanna taste one of the best Biriyani in the world, do visit Paragon Calicut. The taste will be there with you for few days after you dine! Now imagine ! Its awesome !!! 
 The biriyani they serve is less spicy and certainly even more tastier than the popular biriyani of Karims at old Delhi. The chicken fry is truely so special and in a class unequaled, Paragon is simply amazing

1)Chicken Biriyani
2)Appam + Kumarakom fishcurry
3)Pathiri + Beef Ularthiyath
4) Yummy Parathas
 5)Paragon Special Tea

all sea food dishes, especially prawns are great..have tried the kumarakom fish curry, it was really reddish and spicy, and the chicken stiew words to describe!!!

many more dishes to try......mainly seafood, beef, make sure you go with a big group to try the maximum dishes.....

 Finally .......If you have not eaten at the Paragon Restaurant in Calicut....then you really missed something .

Paragon Restaurant
Kannur Road

Ph: +91 495 2767020, 2761020
mob:9846 497 611
9846 297 670
9846 029760