Sunday, February 21, 2016

Hotel Guru, Mahabalipuram (Guru Mess)

Guru Mess Aka Hotel Guru 

An authentic homely food serving mess at Mahabalipuram !!

Much awaiting to write about this hotel for more than 5 years!!! 

Guru mess is known for its authentic Homely food preparation, guess what they dont even use LPG or any commercial fuel, all the cooking is made by using only wood & steam producing by wood, this only qualification is more than enough to prove their dedication to serve home made food........

no one can easily identify this place at first time as its totally tuck inside a small street, in spite of the locational dis advantage, 
from 01.00 pm to 03.30 pm its not easy to get a seat here, so imagine the standard and consistency they are retaining for more than 20 years people are driving from Chennai and pondy to dine in here, name any leading producer, actor, politician they are regular guest to Guru mess, 


Guess what the next surprise is nothing is deep fried here (like 65, fish fry...etc) as the owner policy is oil should not be recycled or used for frying long time, he is too strict in his policy and never include any deep fried dishes in the menu!!!

The  lunch menu you get all south Indian non veg variety, like biryani, fish, chicken, mutton, meals, squid, crab, prawns....amidst all this special items there is one special feature about Guru mess is their "Vanjiram fish fry" solid fish slice served at moderate price, the beauty is even at the fish ban season they continue to serve the same fish fry though its 5 times costlier than the normal season........

 other than the vanjiram fish fry, the crab boneless is awesome dish for the seafood lover .....gently tossed with pepper and cumin just cant resist to ask for second portion......and prawn fry, kanava fry, nandu masala, vanjiram kuzhambu ......

and brain fry, mutton chops, sukka, boti, eeral fry...lot more to taste here and each one is unique in the preparation and served at hot by heating in the tawa every time when ordered !!!!

the dinner menu is like you will get all type of paratha and dosa and dont miss their mutton / chicken kheema paratha as well as kothu paratha, but only disappoint is no idly served here at dinner time, also like ant other non veg restaurant you dont get any choice for the vegetarians,

Other than the south Indian non veg they dont serve anything like fried rice or noodles (but all the so called Chettinad restaurants in town serving even american chopseuy in banana leaves)

who ever staying in Mahabalipuram they dont miss to visit 2 places to eat one is Moon rockers and the next one is Guru Mess !!!!

Timing is 11.30 am to 04.00 pm and 07.00 pm to 11.30 pm all days

as you need to drive inside Mahabalipuram, they are building a boutique hotel with Guru mess at the ECR opposite to silver sands resort......

soon they will open the second branch there and serving from Non veg Breakfast too  !!!!!!!!

 Crab Chops

 Prawn Fry 

 Chicken Biryani 

 Boti Fry 

 Biryani, Prawn, Vanjiram Kuzhambu, mutton sukka, chicken sukka,