Thursday, March 3, 2016

The vellore kitchen - Vellore

The Vellore Kitchen - Vellore

Often you dont find a restaurant like this and its quiet un usual to find a multi cuisine restaurant serving all the cuisines in the menu top class, right from the parking area to the  reception and the seating, service is everything well organized,

the menu is vast with so many varieties from extreme south to  north and fantasy global cuisines, wide choice of dishes you can select from but touch wood every dish says its name,

its always full at business hours in spite the service is so quick and you dont have to wait much time, i could say they have a fantastic kitchen team lead by somebody who live with food and passionate to cook else you dont find each and every dish at its best,

say its vaazhaipoo vada, or elayil polichameen, or poondu kuzhambu .....instantly its served with piping hot aroma, their tiffin varieties are awesome especially the bun paratha, veechu paratha....

and many non veg items to choose from chinese, chettinad, indian, fusion ......the menu is compiled in such a way that you dont say something is not available or able to meet your palate,

right from the pastas to kuzhipaniyaram, appam......what not !!!!!!!!

And their dessert .....Jigardhanda!!!!! piping hot browny with ice cream in the sizzler topped with ice cream ........a real treat to food lovers .......

dont miss it while you are travelling from chennai to bangalore